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  • News from Us 1

    As of April 2012, our head office has begun to provide EAC DOCUMENT GOST R Conformity Certificate valid in RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN and BELARUS (Belarus), Ukr SEPRO and Kazakhstan Gost-K documents required for export to Ukraine and KAZAKHSTAN respectively. Other documents we started to give; Russia Gost Certificate, Belarus Gost B Certificate (BELST), Ukraine UkrSERPO Certificate, Kazakhstan Hygiene Certificate, Ukrainian Hygiene Certificate, Customs Union Certificate, Ukrainian Fire Certificate, Russian Hygiene Certificate, Kazakhstan Fire Certificate, Ukraine Dozvil, Russia Russia RTN (Rostekhnadzor), Russia Certificate of Registration of Medical Device, Russia Technical Specification, Russia Technical Specification, Kazakhstan Technical Specification, EAC Certificate Declaration, Ukraine Retreat Letter, Kazakhstan GGTN Use License, Gost R Conformity Certificate, Kazakhstan Measuring Instruments Certificate, , Letter of Russian Necessity (Rejection), Gost R Measurement Certificate, Russia Ex-proof Explosion Certificate, Russian Medicinal Products Certificate,

  • News from Us 2

    Our accreditation scope has been expanded by 2016. Please see our Accreditation section..

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    We are at your service with the condition of providing unlimited service in calibration field with your renewed team.

  • News from Us - KOSGEB

    Applications that want to benefit from the support are required to apply to the KOSGEB Implementation Unit with the Support Application Form. Please click on the link below to download the Calibration Support Application Form. FRM-00551 General Test Analysis and Calibration Support Application Form Source: