Our Capabilities include:

Name of Devices
Bevel protractors
Bubble level devices
Calibrators, comparators
Coating thickness gauges
Conical thead plug gauges
Dial indicators
Dial thickness gauges
Digital level devices
Feeler gauges
Flat snap gauges
Frames with reed out device
Gauge blocks
Geodetic levels
Granite and cast iron surface plates
Height measuring gauges
Index heads
Inside micrometers
Internal micrometers with indicator
level meter
Magnifiers without scale
Magnifiers with scale
Measuring profile projectors
Measuring rulers
Mechanical length measuring machines
Micrometer Set Gauges
Molds for concrete specimens
Non Steel Measuring Tape
Optical flats
Optical Mechanical length measuring machines
Optical Paralels
Optics with scale
Paint Applicator
Radius gauges
Reference gauge blocks
Reference prismatic angle gauges
Reference ring gauges
Sine bars
Sphere Gauge
Spline gauges
Square for calibration '90
Steel and non-steel measuring tapes
Surface roughness gauges
Surface roughness standards
Test sieve
Thickness standards (feeler gauges, laminas, films)
Universal and instrumental microscopes